O2 Project

Welcome to O2, a new way to store and organize your personal data.

O2 is a safe and flexible archive for personal data, such as contacts, accounts, credit cards, Wi-Fi settings, and everything that comes to your mind.

  • Organize your data with the flexibility of the object model: each object can be a contact, an account, a credit card, and so on. You can customize each object with the fields that you need.
  • Add features to fields with the rules: you can mask sensitive data like passwords and PINs, create shortcuts to the web search, highlight values that meet certain criteria, mark dates as events (expiration dates, recurrences), and more.
  • Connect two objects with a relation and keep track of their roles within it (husband-wife, parent-child, company-employee, etc.).
  • Sort the objects by name, tags, event dates.
  • Search for objects by name, event dates, tags, rules.
  • Print a detailed report of the data stored in your objects. You can also create a persistent copy of the report in HTML format.
  • Import and export some or all of your objects in proprietary or XML format.
  • Make safe your data with one of the available encryption algorithms. You can save your data also without cryptography, if you plan to share them.
  • Bring your data always with you: the portable version could be installed on your favorite removable media and it is compatible with the PortableApps.com format.

Copyright (C) 2004-2015 Maurizio Basaglia. All rights reserved.

This software is licensed under an Open Source Initiative approved license.

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